Why is gratitude going to change your life?

Have you ever noticed that when we find ourselves in a seemingly hopeless down spiral, one in which the path to happiness appears to be unreachable, it feels like everything is physically heavier? We might tend to sleep a little longer, move a little less, and every task is exhausting. The weight of the world can feel as though it is truly on our shoulders. Is it possible to bounce back from this feeling, to break the darkness with some light?

The answer is gratitude. Showing gratitude towards someone, or often times situations or even inanimate objects, can bring a literal “lightness” to you. Being happy and grateful for things brings to us a sort of inner joy that is able to poke holes of light into an otherwise solum time in our lives. The key, when we find ourselves in a long stretch of unhappiness, is to find things to constantly be grateful for. Even if these things seem little and minute, that light will truly begin to shine and take away some of your heaviness.

Try this:

Set an alarm for once a day. When this alarm goes off, tell yourself, out loud, three things that you are grateful for that day. These can be simple things like the coffee you were able to have this morning to larger things like the relationship you have with your partner. Whatever they are, tell yourself, out loud, that you are grateful for them.
The key to this exercise to do it everyday. Practice makes perfect. When we are able to show gratitude to even the most minor aspects of our day, it trains our brain to look for good in every situation.

Let’s start now. What are three things you are grateful for today?

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