Why are we trying to be in control?

It seems like contemporary culture would have us constantly searching for change in our lives, to be better, to live better, to act better; but the question is, why? What are our underlying motivations for the change we seek in our life?
If our search for change comes from a place looking for acceptance and success, we may find ourselves never completely satisfied. Culture tends to look for change for this reason; the success. And while attaining a goal is indeed a great feeling, we can alternatively seek change from a place of humility to find sustainable satisfaction. If we constantly seek change for self-aggrandizement and the control to make the outcome we want come true, we are likely acting out of self-will, not humility.
Giving up control is one of the hardest, lessons that we must tackle as humans. Letting go may seem to be counter-intuitive and an insurmountable task. But sooner or later, that control does not bring the outcomes we seek or is not enough to satisfy what we desire. We find ourselves looking for change in all the wrong places and for all the wrong reasons. Instead, As stated in the book, “With a new approach, we come to recognize the uncontrollable complexity of situations…Surrender is acknowledging that our past impulsive actions were counterproductive and that a new attitudinal approach will yield better outcomes. It becomes clear that, without surrendering, change is difficult if not impossible.”
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Have you ever experienced humility? If so describe the situation(s).

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