When do we know we’ve lost our humanity? – Commitment

When the commitment is gone from our endeavor.

We are most valued when we demonstrate that we can be trusted.

When I express my commitment to act in a particular way, others expect that I mean what I say and trust me to follow through. Making a firm decision to accomplish an objective and actually doing it is a habit of most successful people. If I feel uncertain that I have the resolve to finish a task, I am not likely to voice a commitment.

The discussion of making a decision to do what it takes to make change in my life is expressed in Stage 3 of the book. An excerpt from page 24 talks about the enormity of the task upon which I am about to embark.

“I am not simply looking for some modest improvements, tweaking around the edges, or identifying some mistakes that were made unwittingly. The process described here involves radical rethinking about how I rationalize and defend my closely held understandings and how I interpret my behavior patterns”.

Am I really willing to undertake radical trans formative change. Am I truly committed to completing this task when it becomes much more difficult than what I expected.

These concepts are expressed in Stage 3 of the book.

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