When do we know we’ve lost our humanity? – Authenticity

When the authenticity is gone from our commentary.

We are most believable when what we say is straight forward and not embellished.

This idea expressed is similar to a statement I heard from a friend many years ago. I noted in my book the need to separate the fact from fiction in our lives. The fiction is what is referred to as “social camouflage” and fact is our true identity.

“Just once I want to go to the masked ball, dressed only as myself, so no one will recognize me”.

In the past I often talked about authenticity but knew little of what it really was nor how to apply it in my life. Before I came to understand the great peace that exists in honesty, I felt compelled to portray myself as something I was not. The stress this caused was a real burden that I brought on myself without the awareness of what I was doing.


What image do I try to show others in order to control what they think about me? What are my inner-most feelings about the accuracy of this image?

These concepts are expressed in Stage 2 of the book.

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