Excerpts from an article in Psychology Today – January 2018

The article titled “Change Artist

This article is yet another demonstration that lay people as well as professionals come to such strikingly similar conclusions regarding the process of change. I have taken the liberty to compare the findings outlined in this article with the Stages provided in my book – A Process: Developing a New Approach to Living. Nine out of my 12 Stages are referenced by the authors of this piece.

Rules for Reinvention
“It’s possible to make fundamental changes in behavior —and even personality—at any age.”

1. Don’t beat yourself up for your problem; it serves a purpose.
Stage 1. There are lessons to be learned that only experience can teach you.

2. Accept the deep discomfort of uncertainty that change brings; it’s only temporary.
Stage 2. Let go of the resistance to change and embrace the reality of what you are experiencing.

3. Prepare in advance ways to counter feelings of frustration and discouragement.
Stage 3. Make a commitment that is stronger than your habitual self-defeating behavior.

4. Acknowledge the fear of failing to meet a wanted goal.
Stage 4. Come to terms with the immensity of the internal work to be done.

5. List the pros and cons of changing and inventory the forces working for and against change.
Stage 4. This is a rigorous and exhaustive accounting of personality and character traits.

6. Keep friends around; they lift your mood.
Stage 5. You need to have realistic and supportive feedback as progress takes place.

7. Break your goal down into small, specific, incremental steps.
Stages 6 and 9. Know what you want to change and make a plan.

8. Stay attuned to the dream; give yourself regular reminders of the goal.
Stage 11. Maintain your vision but stay focused on the immediate task at hand.

9. Align your thoughts, feelings, and behaviors with your goal; you might feel you’re faking it at first.
Stage 11. If you are confident that you are going in the right direction, proceeding is much easier.

10. Engage in any activity that boosts faith in yourself.
Stage 12. When you get to a place of giving, it becomes a continuous benefit to yourself.

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