Counter-Intuitive: Poem by Lowry Foster

Lowry is a dear friend with a sensitive heart and the gift of accurately identifying and articulating his inner self. From time to time I use some of his poetry to reinforce my thesis of the value of inner-personal work. Please take a moment of quiet reflection and use his words to get in touch with that sacred place inside yourself you rarely go.

December 5, 2016

There are times when I feel I’m not in control and can’t fix it;
Everything within me wants to push away and pull within …

My default draws me toward darkness and isolation;
Where I am free to despair and throw my own pity party …

In these very depths I hear a Voice that joins me;
And point me toward the light …

Invariably it helps counter-intuitively to get my eyes off me;
To remind myself it’s not all about me and how can I help someone else.

Like Lowry’s facebook page where he often contributes his stream of consciousness.

I find this poem very reminiscent of the thoughts expressed in Stage 12 of the book starting on page 114.

To acquire the book go to

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