Poem by Lowry Foster
May 31, 2016

An elusive state of mind, so it seems
An always moving target, in my estimation …

Just when I think I have it in my grasp, it slips away
I am sure I have a hold of it and it is gone …

How can I keep my soul from wanting more?
Is it possible to restrain myself from yearning?

When will there ever be enough?
Is it part of me to be satisfied?

It seems I am always wanting more, more, more
My thirst increases with each passing hour …

Maybe the cravings deep within, the things of this world cannot meet?
The hole in my heart remains unfilled by worldly pleasures …

Lowry is a dear friend with a sensitive heart and the gift of accurately articulating his inner self. From time to time I use some of his poetry to reinforce my thesis of the value of inner-personal work. This poem about exploring the nature of contentment reminds us that inner peace comes not from getting what we want but rather wanting what we have. This idea is stated on pages 15 and 16 of my book.

Like Lowry’s facebook page where he often contributes his stream of consciousness.

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