Associate Program

The Associate Program is for those who find the method outlined in the book compelling and want to use it to help others achieve growth and happiness.

There are no restrictions on those who wish to pursue an independent practice of helping others with the exception of the copyright restrictions of the book itself. Anyone can recommend the book to others and use what ever educational material they feel is useful.

However, there is an option for anyone to associate with the broad community of practitioners of this approach. This is done by completing a training course to become a certified mentor and committing to a set of standards for their practice. This provides unrestricted use and reuse of copyrighted material where the associate can organize the concepts and terminology in any way they want to use the ideas. It also includes a listing in the Associate Registry and the opportunity for their client base to have priority access to group workshops, retreats and other activities.

Joining the Associate Program provides training on contractual issues that a mentor faces in pursuing a practice. Above all, the help and support from other associate members to answer questions and provide feedback is a valuable resource. This sharing of ideas and experiences is a powerful tool for those who are serious in helping others.

If not yourself, you may know someone gifted with empathy and an ability to listen and relate to those struggling with persistent self-defeating behavior. People who are able to help others are natural mentors. They have a passion for and an ability to listen with an objective and non-judgmental ear. What they need to be truly helpful is a proven method that can bring about positive change for those seeking a new direction.

Please let those who may be looking for a rewarding avocation as a mentor using this program. Encourage them to read the book and review the material on this web site. Reading the blogs, friending A Process on Facebook are goods ways to understand the approach. I look forward to hearing for all interested in the Associate Program.