Welcome to a resource dedicated to Developing a New Approach to Living.

Reinvention Enterprises provides support to anyone who wants to learn and put into practice a method of self-examination to achieve personal growth. The goal of this work is to arrive at a place of inner peace that eludes many, even those who may have the outward appearance of success.

The approach is outlined it a book titled A Process and is based on a one-on-one teaching procedure supported by interaction with others who are in various stages of their own learning.

This web-site will allow you to purchase the book as a guide for self-examination and help you find a coach/mentor suited to your unique situation, someone who has themselves found a means to happiness and contentment.

“A Process” The Book

At the heart of Reinvention Enterprises is a book that outlines an approach suggested as a means of changing the underlying behavior that leads to frustration and unhappiness.

A Process, the book, is a guide to:

  • dispel the myths we live by,
  • understand how we behave in unproductive ways,
  • build positive connection with people in general as well as close relationships,
  • sustain a positive approach to living, and
  • apply the secrets of living with purpose and contentment.

It is a textbook and a workbook, full of stories and examples of how and why change is important. The process is designed to be done jointly by the “coach” and the “client” in order to have interaction similar to therapeutic counseling.

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Associate Program

The Associate Program is for those who find the method outlined in the book compelling and want to use it to help others achieve growth and happiness.

There are no restrictions on those who wish to pursue an independent practice of helping others with the exception of the copyright restrictions of the book itself. Anyone can recommend the book to others and use what ever educational material they feel is useful.

However, there is an option for anyone to associate with the broad community of practitioners of this approach. This is done by completing a training course to become a certified mentor and committing to a set of standards for their practice. This provides unrestricted use and reuse of copyrighted material where the associate can organize the concepts and terminology in any way they want to use the ideas. It also includes a listing in the Associate Registry and the opportunity for their client base to have priority access to group workshops, retreats and other activities.

Joining the Associate Program provides training on contractual issues that a mentor faces in pursuing a practice. Above all, the help and support from other associate members to answer questions and provide feedback is a valuable resource. This sharing of ideas and experiences is a powerful tool for those who are serious in helping others.

If not yourself, you may know someone gifted with empathy and an ability to listen and relate to those struggling with persistent self-defeating behavior. People who are able to help others are natural mentors. They have a passion for and an ability to listen with an objective and non-judgmental ear. What they need to be truly helpful is a proven method that can bring about positive change for those seeking a new direction.

Please let those who may be looking for a rewarding avocation as a mentor using this program. Encourage them to read the book and review the material on this web site. Reading the blogs, friending A Process on Facebook are goods ways to understand the approach. I look forward to hearing for all interested in the Associate Program.


Associate Registry


If you are looking for a coach, the listed individuals are Associates of Reinvention Enterprises and currently taking new clients.  Contact any of these individuals for an interview to find one that is a good fit for the issues you want to address.


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Bruce Hanson bruce_hanson@msn.com Men’s Issues
Randy Rohr rev77@live.com Spiritual Coach



There is a statement in the opening pages of the book that summarizes the context you should use in reading and using these ideas.

“It is important to note that this approach is neither original nor particularly innovative in its illumination of certain principles. It is based on general concepts that have been practiced in different forms, with different terminologies, and using different rituals throughout history, and is an approach that appears time and again in both ancient and contemporary literature. This approach forms the basis for many widespread movements in history, many of which have promoted positive personal growth.

This book is a modest version of principles that promote positive change. Included in the book are numerous unreferenced, italicized passages that have been passed along by individuals willing to share their wisdom, a wisdom they achieved through hard-fought experience. It also serves as a testament to the existence of a “life force” that reminds us all that insight into life’s lessons is abundantly available.”

The book was written as a practical guide of doable exercises that anyone can apply to their own lives. The terminology was specifically chosen to avoid conveying traditional  self-help or religious language or to coin new phrases that portend a proprietary character to the approach.

These concepts are easy to understand, yet they are difficult to put into practice.   Again, quoting from the introductory pages of the book:

“Resistance to change is self-evident. Preconceived notions, prejudices, biases, or beliefs are foundational to life itself; we defend these beliefs with fierce determination and this is reflected in our behavior, attitudes, and actions. The prospect of undertaking a process to reconstruct our life patterns and the way we experience life is, for the most part, considered heretical. It is so much easier to hold on to our taboos rather than to expend the emotional energy to question, let alone change, what is believed to be true.

The process acknowledges that personal change requires courage and commitment at a level a person has not likely experienced before. Remember that courage is not the absence of fear but rather the recognition that there is a purpose in one’s pursuit that has greater value than the fear being experienced. Engaging in any personal growth process requires true courage, and yet it is one of the most supreme experiences of humanity since the dawn of time.”

Everything that constitutes the makeup of Reinvention Enterprises is built around the central theme of the necessity for change coupled with the difficulty of making change.